Become a volunteer mentor for adults and young people leaving prison

The Milestone Mentoring programme has been running for 12 years and in 2011 was awarded a prestigious Butler Trust Commendation. The programme is also recognized with the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation’s Approved Provider Standard. Young men referred to the project are matched with a trained volunteer mentor from their area prior to release from custody. The mentoring relationship starts in the prison and continues post-release for a period of at least six months. Support, advice and guidance are the key constituents of the project and the support offered is tailored to individual mentees’ needs.

Khulisa is recruiting for volunteer mentors for our Milestones mentoring programme.  If you are aged 23 or over, you live in Greater Manchester and you are interested in supporting a young man leaving custody, why not contacts us to find out more.  Successful applicants will receive full training and support from our Milestones team, and no previous experience of the criminal justice system is required – just time, patience and a practical approach.

Contact us on info@khulisa.co.uk for a full role profile and application pack.

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