Khulisa welcomes Rohati Chapman to the team

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed an interim CEO, Rohati Chapman, who will be leading Khulisa while our current CEO, Dominique Airey, is on Maternity Leave from January – August 2019.

Rohati started her career at The Prince’s Trust and has spent the last 18 years working across a range of organisational cultures, with a common focus on improving outcomes for Children, Young People & Families, in the UK and globally. The insights and skills she has gained from working for a grassroots charity, global NGO, local government and the Government & Public Sector arm of PWC allow her to bring a range of perspectives to reducing inequality of opportunity. Her areas of expertise include Programme Management, Evidence & Learning, Donor Management and Strategic Finance.

We are hugely excited to have such a collaborative, thoughtful and evidence-based professional join Khulisa who is deeply passionate about tackling inequality and empowering young people to reach their potential. Rohati joins us at an important stage in our growth; overseeing the implementation of Khulisa’s current 2017-2020 strategic plan and contributing to the development of Khulisa’s future vision to support more young people to live healthy, crime-free lives.” Shivani Smith, Khulisa Chair of Trustees


“There are too many people in prison and a troubling connection between educational exclusion and later imprisonment. These all result in a social and economic cost to the UK that we cannot afford. We know that the root causes of crime are complex and I believe that Khulisa's therapeutic and training programmes bring something unique and meaningful to systemically tackling these issues. I'm so pleased to join Khulisa and to support their focus on impact and excellence and look forward to working with the team and Khulisa’s important partners.” Rohati Chapman, Khulisa CEO (Maternity Cover)

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