Our Mission is to break the cycle of crime and violence by helping people to change their lives.

Our Vision is that we all face as little crime and violence as those in our safest communities.

Our Values are to:

  • Guide: by restoring empathy, self-belief and self-worth;
  • Nurture: by believing all people can grow;
  • Restore: by building aspiration in individuals (perpetrators and victims) and communities;
  • Empower: by restoring empathy, self-belief and self-worth;

Our Single Objective is to cut crime.

Our Strategy

  • To bring to the UK programmes from South Africa that are proven to cut crime and adapt them to existing needs;
  • To use the evidence from the success (and failures) of our programmes to generate grants, contracts and commissions. What matters to us is cutting crime through preventing re-offending and fostering desistance, avoidance and resilience. Evidence of this impact for our funders will support embedding and expanding those programmes that are successful;
  • To work with organisational peers so that what we do works with what they do to better serve our service users and foster long-term positive outcomes;
  • To treat our people (staff, associates, volunteers and partners) as we want them to treat others. We recognise that our intellectual capital sits in a team of people that we need to nurture and develop as thoughtful, wise, calm and experienced individuals.

We aim to empower individuals with the skills and understanding they need to develop their own alternatives to violence, desist from crime, improve their futures and build stronger and safer communities. Through this work we foster empathy, personal regeneration, motivation and aspiration.

We believe that when our programmes are delivered at their full potential, our outcomes – touching on 40% reductions in violent tendencies – are significantly better than what can be achieved many accredited programmes offered in prisons, schools and other establishments.