What We Do

Khulisa works in schools and prisons, equipping young people with the life skills and emotional support they need to stop offending

We support over 600 people every year in London and in Greater Manchester. To ensure we reach the most vulnerable people, we intervene at all key stages of the criminal justice cycle:

  1. Preventing young people (11-18) in schools and Pupil Referral Units from entering the criminal justice sector
  2. Rehabilitating young offenders (18-21) and adult prisoners (25+) to understand and tackle the root-cause of their violent behaviours
  3. Reintegrating ex-offenders into the community by equipping them with the skills and strength to choose alternatives to crime

As well as working directly with young people, we also aim to bring about long term change at the institutional and system level in the hope that we can share best practice and build capacity within the sector.  Within each of the three workstreams, we do the following:

  • Deliver behaviour programmes which helps young people understand and address their needs
  • Provide therapeutic support and mentorship opportunities to vulnerable people
  • Build capacity for professionals who work with young people in schools, prisons and community settings
  • Share best practice with sector peers and influencing public policy on issues related to mental health, education and justice

Due to the nature of our programmes, the bulk of our participants have low concentration and high agitation levels. Our experience is that almost all our participants have suffered extremely traumatic events during childhood and puberty. As a result, their mental health is often adversely affected although this may not be professionally diagnosed at time of attendance on our programme.


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