Khulisa’s Emergency Children’s Relief Fund

Theres no doubt that the coronavirus has changed everyones lives, but consider how it would feel to be a child who is not #SafeAtHome.

During this crisis, we will all be adapting to a new way of living our lives and spending much more time indoors. Whilst for most of us home is a safe place, for thousands of vulnerable children it isn’t.

During regular school breaks, half of disadvantaged children will witness violence or drug abuse at home. For many, school is their safe place, a place they find comfort in their friends and protection from a trusted adult.

Indefinite school closures combined with a pandemic means that our young people are immeasurably more vulnerable to harm. We know that children need food, clothing and shelter, but they also need emotional support and to know that they’re not facing these challenges alone.

In response to Covid-19, we’ve adapted our programmes so that we can stay connected to children, wherever they are. Through our online interventions, children will receive 1-1 support with our therapists and access to digital wellbeing toolkits and webinars.

We need your help to make sure we can continue to be there for children who need us most. Thats why we are launching a fundraising appeal to ensure children know they can #StaySafeWithKhulisa. Every penny of your donation will help our team of therapists to deliver vital emotional and wellbeing support to young people, their parents, carers and teachers.

For some children, home is not a place of safety. Many are facing this pandemic scared and alone. Khulisa is continuing to support vulnerable children during the crisis but we need your help.
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