Resources for Young People

Khulisa has a range of downloadable toolkits designed to support young people's wellbeing.

Anxiety Toolkit

We’ve launched our latest online toolkit – all about managing anxiety, with hints and tips, breathing and art exercises to explore.

Managing Transitions, Uncertainty and Change

Everyone manages transition, uncertainty and change differently. This toolkit is a guide to help young people manage change in the healthiest way possible. 


Our wellbeing toolkit was designed specifically for the multiple lockdowns we experienced during the pandemic in 2020.

Being isolated in lockdown and having big changes to our normal lives is likely to cause young people to feel anxious, worried and scared. This is normal, and there are things that young people (and the people they live with) can do to make this time as manageable as possible. To stay well when everything is changing we need to look after our emotions and our bodies.

These needs haven’t changed as we moved out of lockdown and back into more social activities and we think the hints and tips in this toolkit can still help you manage your wellbeing.


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