This year continues to be a tough one for many of the young people we work with, who have been so adversely affected by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The multiple lockdowns and uncertainty have taken an even greater toll on these young peoples’ mental health, wellbeing and ability to reach their potential.  

Young people like Abbas who was struggling to settle into a new school, and was isolated and alone. 

Donations will go towards supporting more vulnerable young people like Abbas, who, without therapeutic support offered by Khulisa, are at risk of serious ill mental health, social exclusion and a continued cycle of trauma.

Your contribution can make all the difference in transforming the lives of some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people! 


Khulisa exists thanks to the generous support and donations we receive from our partners and supporters: 100% of our income is fundraised or earned by delivering services in prisons and the community.

For every pound we spend; 

  • 90p is spent preventing children from experiencing school exclusion or entering the prison system and goes towards our programmes, training, policy and influencing work. 
  • 9p goes towards raising funds for our work and building a financial sustainability organisation
  • 1p goes towards our governance and making sure we fulfil our legal obligations. 
Thank you for your support of Khulisa - we and all the young people, parents and teachers we work with value it so much. 
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