Giving young people a chance to influence and inform policy at EU level


As part of our work influencing policy and practice, based on findings from our direct delivery programmes, Khulisa is currently engaged as a partner organisation in the European Union Erasmus+ funded Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP).

This eight country transnational project brings together 20 organisations consisting of public authorities and research partners tasked with designing a framework for tackling social exclusion and radicalisation among young people. This framework (described as a ‘policy measure’) seeks to create toolkits for both training (capacity building in schools, universities, prisons, online etc) and influencing (policy and practice).

Adopting an asset-based approach, advantaged thinking and the core principles of the Good Lives Model, the project is proud to give young people the opportunity to assist in the development of the toolkit as co-creators alongside world-renowned experts. This is essentially a youth-based proposition for youth dissemination. Young people will be encouraged to contribute to the debate about what needs to be done for those at risk of social exclusion.

As an organisation, we work to break the cycle of crime and violence, thereby developing safer communities. We do this by focusing on preventing the most socially excluded members of our society from engaging in crime and rehabilitating and reintegrating those that do. We therefore welcome the opportunity to work as a field-partner testing and developing the YEIP toolkit. We are proud to give our young people a voice in the debate about social exclusion and radicalisation. .

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