Introducing our new supporter: Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Khulisa are delighted to announce a new supporter, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, whose support will be central to Khulisa delivering their 2017-2020 strategy.

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation (established in 1987) is committed to helping people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives.

With funds committed to Khulisa over three years, Paul Hamlyn Foundation will enable Khulisa to:

  • Scale our work by almost 80%.  This grant will help Khulisa reach almost double the number of young people, and train 150 more staff in schools and prisons across the UK.
  • Create cultural change within schools and prisons. The grant will allow Khulisa to work with a small number of schools, pupil referral units and prisons over a longer, more intensive period of time, building capacity and ensuring the institutions are safer, more nurturing environments for young people to learn and thrive.
  • Strengthen the evidence base for an asset-based approach.  Over the next 3 years, the grant will help Khulisa to build and share evidence of what works when tackling offending and improving wellbeing in young people.  Through robust programme evaluations, Khulisa will build the case for both a more restorative and a more asset-based approach to working with young people; an approach which recognises and builds on young people’s strengths and potential.
  • Successfully influence policy and practice.  Paul Hamlyn Foundation will support Khulisa to leverage their evidence base in order to raise awareness of their work and effectively influence policy and practice across UK schools, prisons and community centres.

Dominique Airey, Khulisa’s Chief Executive shared her reflections on the partnership:

We are delighted to have the support and endorsement from one of the UK’s largest independent grant-making foundations. We are particularly pleased to be working with an organisation who shares our values and wants to help young people for whom making the transition to adult independence is most challenging.”

Régis Cochefert, Director of Grants and Programmes at Paul Hamlyn Foundation also said:

We look forward to working with Khulisa and are excited about their plans for the next two to five years. We believe that they have the potential to transform the way professionals and other service providers work with young people who are experiencing disadvantage – and look forward to them progressing along this path.”


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