Join us for our open mic event: The expression sessions

Dear friend and supporter of Khulisa,

We’re excited to invite you to join our first ever Virtual Open Mic and Exhibition Event – The Expression Sessions.

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has been both a dividing and uniting experience.  We’ve all faced the same storm, but in different boats. We know we’re not alone in feeling that young people’s voices, particularly relating to their experiences of the pandemic, have been largely lost. We also know that processing challenging experiences in a safe, healthy way often involves finding ways to both reflect on and express your story.

To bring an end to the silence, we’re supporting young people to capture and express their lockdown experiences through visual art, spoken word and music.

We invite you to come and experience the results for yourselves, and celebrate what they’ve come up with on Thursday 27th August from 14.30-16.00.

We’re on the lookout for young artists and performers who could benefit from this experience. So if you know any, please share this email with them and/or pass on the artist sign up link below.