Khulisa joins ambitious data-linking programme led by the Ministry of Justice

We are thrilled to be part of the Data First Project, an ambitious data-linking programme led by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and funded by ADR UK (Administrative Data Research UK), and the Economic Social Research Council (ESRC). 

Working in partnership with academics, third sector organisations and other government departments, Data First links together education, civil, family and criminal justice administrative datasets, to help build a picture of justice system users and their needs, pathways and outcomes over time across schools, courts, and prisons. 

Partners we’ll be working with include Cafcass, The Prison Advice & Care Trust, the Prison Reform Trust, and Revolving Doors.

In making this data available to researchers, the project also aims to create a sustainable body of knowledge that will help plug existing evidence gaps and will underpin the development of evidence-based government policies. 

At Khulisa, we have long argued for a much more joined-up approach between schools, prisons, communities and across government. We are delighted to support this project and honoured to have the opportunity to ensure that the voices and needs of our beneficiaries are reflected in research that will drive real progress in tackling key issues in the education and justice systems.

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