Khulisa runs prison radio show with the National Prison Radio

In partnership with the National Prison Radio, Khulisa has produced a series of radio shows, which have been broadcast across prisons in the UK. The series is aimed specifically at inmates, and focuses on helping prisoners with their emotional wellbeing.

The series was hosted by Lady Unchained, and published three episodes which discussed different topics, including change, fear and anger. Each of these episodes includes a chat with a prisoner, as well as with Damian, a Khulisa facilitator.

Broadcast into prisoners’ cells, the radio programmes share practical skills for managing their emotional wellbeing, and stories of inspiration from former inmates in order to bolster hope. Inmates can tune into an audio version of our programme content and learn more.

Episode 1: Change

This first episode explored the theme of change. Talking to a prisoner about their experience in prison and how they’ve changed along their journey, this episode explored what it is to change, as well as useful tips and tools for enacting change.

Episode 2: Fear

The next episode focused on fear. In this episode, there was a discussion of fear in prisons and how that can lead people to act. Damian shows techniques for managing anxiety and fear.

Episode 3: Anger

Finally, the series finished with anger. This episode saw a discussion of what can cause anger, and tools for coping with it. The hosts and guest also discussed how anger can sometimes be a positive emotion, driving passion for change.

The impact of the programmes

The series of three radio programmes aired twice per episode, across prison radio which has a listener reach of 81,341, and is listened to by 72% of the prison population. This offered Khulisa an important opportunity to deliver content straight to young offenders.

With the huge impact the pandemic has had on prisons, radio programmes such as these are so important for providing people with the support they need. During the lockdowns, some prisoners spent up to 23 hours a day in their cells, lacking support that they previously had access to. This has been a stressful situation for many prisoners.

We have also felt the impact of not being able to work face to face with prisoners and support them at this crucial time. We are proud to have been able to respond to this with our radio series, helping prisoners with their emotional wellbeing.

Following on from its success, we will be running a second series in March this year.

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