Khulisa Supports The Resilience Task Force

We know we’re not alone in sharing our concern about the impact of Covid-19 on the safety and wellbeing of young people. We have tailored our support during the pandemic to directly address and nurture young people’s wellbeing and build resilience. Our summer offer of interactive webinars and toolkits has been specifically designed to reflect our award-winning programmes, and are aimed at supporting young people to explore and process issues such as transition and uncertainty, wellbeing and coping skills, managing emotions, building confidence and connection and relationships. We know that many of these skills are resilience assets which protect young people from some of the detrimental effects of trauma. 

We know that supporting the wellbeing of young people is crucial to managing a safe transition out of lockdown. Young people’s wellbeing is also closely linked to the wellbeing of the professionals who work with them. That’s why we have also been delivering resilience webinars and training to professionals working across the sector, providing key tips and techniques associated with enhanced resilience.

We expect this pandemic to have devastating and long-lasting effects on social and emotional well-being. It is therefore clear that the work we do, and that so many others are doing as individuals and organisations, is not sufficient to address the cumulative impact of this crisis across the country. 

Despite rises in mental health problems, suicide, domestic violence and substance misuse, we have not seen the government mention a psychological or emotional well-being lead response to the consequences of living through a pandemic. What we all need is a joint up approach for how to thrive again, to mitigate the often devastating impact of collective trauma.

This is why we are supporting and promoting the Resilience Task Force campaign who are calling on the Government to plan for the psychological and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic; and to convene a Resilience Task Force with the appropriate funding and mandate to support a comprehensive response. You can read their open letter to Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care here

Find out more information about the campaign and how you can support it here

We urge you to please contact your MPS and sign the pledge to urge the government to act now and share your support using #ResilienceTaskForce.