Khulisa Win Fair Education Alliance Intrapreneurship Award

Khulisa wins award to pilot a wellbeing parenting programme

"I am so pleased and excited to have been selected for the Intrapreneurship Award. Khulisa and I care passionately about social and emotional wellbeing being available to everyone, and believe everyone deserves to have a safe space where their voices and stories can be honoured. This Award will help us offer this to parents and carers, to help them to support their young people." - Caroline Brindle, Senior Programme Manager

We are delighted to announce that Caroline Brindle, our Senior Programme Manager, has won this year’s Fair Education Alliance Intrapreneurship Award to develop a trauma informed creative arts Parent Wellbeing programme

Initially for the parents and carers of Manchester Communication Academy, this pilot seeks to support our stratgic aim to create trauma-informed environments for young people, with key adults in their lives who are able to respond sensitively to their needs.

Khulisa’s programmes for young people harness this creativity, and Caroline is delighted to now be able to offer this to parents and carers as well.  Research shows that building positive relationships with trusted adults leads to better attendance, attainment and social emotional wellbeing. We hope to offer an opportunity to tackle educational inequality through supporting the parent’s wellbeing and developing their capacity to emotionally help their children.

Caroline joined Khulisa in 2017 first as an Associate Facilitator, progressing to Programme Manager, and now Senior Programme Manager. As an Arts Psychotherapist working in schools and prisons, she has seen first-hand how creative expression can bring joy, hope and increased resilience in often bleak situations.

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