London’s post-pandemic recovery: The New Deal for Young People

Young people have already paid a high price due to COVID-19. Without intervention, it will get even worse.

Long periods of physical and social isolation mean that more young people are experiencing poor mental health. As part of the London Recovery Plan from the pandemic, the Greater London Authority have identified investing in young people as a priority.

We welcomed their commitment to prioritising mental health and wellbeing in their New Deal for Young People. In response to the GLA’s call for evidence on how best to support young people, we shared our experiences of the following:

  • How to build young people’s wellbeing.
  • Why helping young people to develop positive relationships with the adults in their lives is crucial.
  • The skills and training that we believe frontline practitioners need in order to be better able to build trusted relationships with young people.

In our response we drew on the feedback of young people like David, who completed Khulisa’s Face It Programme in February this year and was keen to share his experience of the pandemic.

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