Managing Isolation in Lockdown: Resources

Lockdown restrictions loosening does not necessarily reduce feelings of isolation. For some, social contact may still be limited, for others the idea of leaving home may be just as concerning or scary as staying home.

If you feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety, we have created some resources to help you. You can access these here:

  1. Khulisa’s 10 Step Plan to Managing Isolation in Lockdown – These steps are a guide to being alone in isolation for those of us not with family at home.
  2. Self-care & Wellbeing: Practical Online ResourcesThe following links provide practical and experiential ideas for new things you can try to help you practice self-care and feel more connected with others during this period.
  3. Managing Isolation in Lockdown: Building self-worth, purpose and learning new skills. We offer further resources,  aimed at providing support to build our sense of self-worth, connection and purpose in the ‘new normal’ as we transition from lockdown.

As a reminder, government assistance is available through the website.

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