Our Year in Review for 2019 – 2020

This month we launched our annual impact report demonstrating our achievements in the last year of our 2017-2020 strategy. Some highlights from the report include;

  • Supporting 232 young people in 14 schools through our social and emotional skills programme, Face It.
  • Working with 116 young people in 4 prisons to complete our Silence the Violence training.
  • Training 804 professionals in our trauma informed approach.

Behind each of the 348 young people we supported last year is a story much like Nila’s – of a young person’s violent behaviours, masking a need for support and understanding.

Nila told us that after the suicide of her parent, her ability to cope worsened, “the smallest things trigger me and I’m constantly fidgety, or sometimes I find it hard to concentrate, I just zone out completely” 

Over 6 weeks we work with young people like Nila to help them to make positive choices and feel comfortable discussing their emotions. After a mask-making session she shared that she felt it was “ok to be yourself and not to hide” – a huge step for a young person who felt let down by the adults in their lives.

You can read more about Nila on our website and find out how your school, youth group or prison can receive similar support in 2021 by contacting us through the website

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