The importance of taster sessions

Think of a time when you have experienced something so moving, something that has hit you so deeply and on such a visceral level that when you come to share that experience with someone else no amount of emotional language can do it justice. Perhaps resulting in sentences such as ‘I wish you’d just been there’ or ‘you need to go and see it/do it for yourself to believe it’. 

As a Programme Manager/facilitator one of the first steps in setting up a programme within a new organisation or partnership is to impart knowledge to frontline staff members about the programmes we run and their effectiveness. 

Although words, particularly when expressed with passion, can go a long way in describing and vicariously giving a listener insight, we all know that it doesn’t have the same impact as that individual actually experiencing and feeling it first hand. 

That is why we offer taster sessions to staff, to provide them with an objective and immersive experience of the emotions thoughts and feelings that a Khulisa programme elicits. This in turn will aid them in making appropriate and safe referrals for the service users they support and care for.

`I was absolutely blown away by the Khulisa taster session. Although it was only three hours long the journey I went on was unbelievable. I only wish I could do the whole programme. As I was doing some of the exercises I was thinking about the young people that are on my caseload, I couldn't wait to tell them that a programme like this exists and if i could have got them in the room then and there I would have, I can't wait for them to be in the group themselves and feel the power of it’ - keyworker-New Horizons

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