What We Do

We provide three core services: in schools, prisons and community organisations.

Behaviour Change Programmes

We use creative techniques to help young people be more aware of the root causes and the impact of their challenging behaviour. Through our 1:1 support and group sessions:

  • Students develop emotional resilience and make healthier life choices.
  • Offenders are more emotionally resilient and less likely to choose violence and crime.
  • Ex-offenders continue to choose and progress towards a healthier, crime-free life.


By practising deep reflection, stress reduction, and conflict resolution, we equip teachers, prison officers and community workers with the social and emotional skills needed to prevent violence. Through our 1:1 support and group sessions:

  • Schools provide greater wellbeing for staff and students, creating a culture of aspiration and achievement.
  • Prisons are safer, trauma-informed and truly rehabilitative.
  • Community partners are more successful in supporting resettlement and wellbeing.


By examining what works to reduce crime, we urge policymakers to make changes to the criminal justice system. Through our extensive research and evidence base, we prove how to more effectively:

  • Prevent students in schools from being excluded and/or entering the criminal justice system.
  • Rehabilitate people in prison to improve their behaviour and wellbeing throughout their sentence, as well as preparing them for life after prison.
  • Reintegrate ex-offenders in society, providing opportunities for housing and employment.
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