In Communities

Khulisa delivers intervention programmes in community settings across local authorities, charities, community groups and parenting networks.

Map of our Partners across communities in the UK - Data from 19/20

My Path

My Path is an intensive wellbeing programme for young people tackling homelessness, addiction, leaving prison, poverty, poor mental health or a combination of challenges. It was developed from Khulisa’s original programme, Silence The Violence, which supports prisoners in their rehabilitation journey. The programme is led by therapeutically-trained facilitators who support participants to better understand and manage their emotions, change behaviour and increase the likelihood of sustained engagement with support services.

The programme uses a unique blend of restorative techniques and trauma-informed methodologies. It is an intensive, high-impact course, made up of 10 modules usually run over 3 to 5 days, incorporating both individual and group therapy. It is followed-up with 1:1 support and can involve additional group work and ‘booster’ sessions.

Milestones Mentoring


During 2018, 52 participants received support through the Milestones Mentoring programme, a through the gate service for ex-offenders to support their emotional wellbeing as they re-intrgrated back into their communities. Out of these 52:

  • 87% completed six months or more of the programme and did not re-offend.
  • 3 out of 5 mentees with experience of family breakdown as a result of their prison sentence re-engaged with family while supported by a Milestones mentor.
  • 54% of mentees successfully secured accommodation, benefits, education or employment after the programme.

The programme is recognised with the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation’s Approved Provider Standard and in 2011 received a prestigious Butler Trust Award.

"I just feel like I’m up against the system, housing benefits and no-one is listening. But you just seem to sort my head out and get people to listen to me. I mean it’s not a massive thing to everyone else, but to me it’s massive because I just couldn't cope with everything at once." Milestones Mentoring participant, 2016


Khulisa works with partner organisations in the North West to implement effective and sustainable change for the individual during custody and after release from prison. Probation case managers are an integral part of the offender’s journey and are the main referral pathway for Khulisa’s Milestones Mentoring programme. We support probation officers, prison staff and the police to understand the root causes of the majority of inmate distressing behaviour and to respond using trauma informed appraoches. 

"It's like having a big sister around on the other end of the phone or to meet up for a coffee when I get stressed out and want to just walk away from everything."
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