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Face It is Khulisa's intensive therapeutic group programme for young people to explore the root causes of their emotional distress. designed for pupils in schools and Pupil Referral Units.

Face It

Face It is specifically designed for young people at risk of offending, exploitation and exclusion. The programme builds self-awareness and encourages pupils to reflect on the root causes and triggers of their disruptive or challenging behaviour. We believe that early intervention breaks the school to prison pipeline exacerbated by exclusion, enabling young people to choose a safe and crime-free future. 

"Khulisa's Face It programme has been a great success... the use of role play is very engaging and the post programme support is invaluable. We are looking forward to running more programmes in the future at Rokeby School."

Delivered over 6 weeks, each programme is tailored to participants’ needs and uses art, storytelling and 1:1 / group experiential techniques, delivered by trained drama therapists. We help young people to learn new coping mechanisms and skills to identify individual triggers (for anger, conflict etc.) and alternative responses, that can ultimately help improve capacity for concentration and focus during lessons.

Face It helps develop executive functioning skills (planning, decision making, and communication) which can have a positive impact on behaviour, sense of self-worth and confidence. Khulisa also trains the teachers and support workers who work with our programme participants to promote a more restorative school culture.

Face It's Impact

  • 33% of excluded children reintegrate into mainstream schools
  • 47% of young people feel more motivated to achieve their goals
  • 91% of pupils show significant improvements in their behaviour
  • 93% of young people put the coping skills they learned into practice
We measure wellbeing, social skills, resilience and self-regulation before and after young people complete the programme.

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If you are a young person on one of our programmes looking for advice or support for issues our programme doesn’t cover please read our page: Finding help from other organisations.

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