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Khulisa provides training on the effects of trauma to professionals working with socially excluded young people and adults, such as teachers, prison officers and social workers. We give these professionals a deeper understanding of how trauma impacts them and those in their care, equipping them with practical tools and techniques to manage the often difficult behaviour of those they work with, provide the right level of support and retain their own levels of wellbeing. 

  • A UK survey of teachers found 60% of respondents received no relevant training on the needs of children who have experienced trauma in the last 3 years, with half saying they received no training at all despite working daily with vulnerable children (Adoption UK, 2019)
Group trauma training session in a School for teachers, Teaching assistants and School leadership.

Khulisa’s trauma training is drawn from over 10 years' experience delivering award-winning social and emotional wellbeing programmes, led by qualified therapists who understand the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma on the brain, body and behaviour of our participants. We know that the professionals working with individuals like our participants may not have this knowledge, and also need to manage their own wellbeing around high levels of trauma. Not doing so risks compassion fatigue, burn-out and perceived rejection of those in their care, intensifying the aggression or distress directed towards them. Our training enables professionals to retain their own resilience and wellbeing in highly stressful roles to prevent this downward spiral.

"I found the training extremely valuable. I felt safe and comfortable with the group and felt we were brought together very effectively. A very engaging, practical and useful session as well as extraordinarily interesting and thought-provoking." Integrated Offender Management, London Borough of Newham

We offer a range of training to support the needs of different organisations, from 1 or 2 hour introductory training sessions for large audiences to interactive half day, 1 or 2 day workshops for smaller groups of 12 to 16. To fit around shift patterns and resourcing needs, we can mix and match different training topics and sessions into the working day. We also work with clients on sustainable cultural change projects that combine trauma-informed training for staff and our social and emotional wellbeing programmes for socially excluded young people and adults.

“I’m more aware of the impact of trauma on the behaviour of young people. I’ll be using the new knowledge of brain/ACEs in reports and focusing on improving self-care” Youth Offending Service Worker, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Bespoke packages designed to suit individual organisational needs are available on request. For more information on our training and booking in a session for your team or group, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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