Who We Are

Our vision is for a connected, safe society where young peoples' social and emotional wellbeing is prioritised and they have they are empowered to choose crime-free lives.

What's in a name?

Khulisa means ‘to nurture’ in Zulu. It represents our South African heritage as well as our core belief that everyone, no matter their background, has the capacity to learn and grow if given a safe, nurturing environment. We’ve been working in the UK for over 10 years, making prisons and schools safer and more nurturing environments, and transforming the lives of over 3000 people, empowering them to choose a crime-free life.

Khulisa works to break the cycle of exclusion and crime by intervening at every stage of the criminal justice system. We nurture those who have been socially excluded and equip people with the skills and strength to choose alternatives to violence and crime.

To truly help people escape the cycle of social exclusion and crime, we believe that schools, prisons, communities and government need a more joined-up approach. This is why we are Britain’s only charity delivering behaviour change programmes, training for professionals and sharing best practice at key stages of the criminal justice system. This gives us an unrivalled breadth of expertise in and evidence of what works to reduce crime.

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